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Buy List Instructions: 


Card prices shown on the "Buy List" are for Mint & NM cards only as we our only buying those conditions of cards.  We are also only buying English copies of cards. 


1. While on this BUY LIST page, click on the specific set you want to sell Magic Singles from and enter the quantity on each of the appropriate lines. 

2. Make sure you are in “Sell” mode.  This can be checked by identifying that the button to enter cards into the Sell Cart says “Sell”. 

 3. View/Edit/Process your order by clicking on the "View Buylist / Submit" button in the “Your Cart” section.

4. Follow the prompts to complete the processing of the “Sell Order”.

5. Upon receiving approval via email, pack your cards in the exact same order they appear on the receipt & preferably include a copy of the sell list.  (Changes could be made to your sell order so look over the approved list before you pack up your cards)

Multiple "Sell Orders" made to exceed our desired buy quantity will not be accepted.


6. You will be notified via email once your order has been received & inspected for accuracy.


7. A Paypal payment will be made to you within one business day of verifying your order.


Buylist Information:


Your order must contain your full name, address and the method of payment that you require along with the items that you are sending.


A fee of $5 will be subtracted your balance when requesting a CHECK as the method of payment to cover the associated expenses. 


Please ensure that your return address is clearly marked with your full first and last name on the outside of the shipping container that you mailed cards in.


You are responsible for all costs associated with getting your items to us to purchase. All prices are net delivered to us. You pay all shipping to get all items to us.


It is strongly suggested that you purchase insurance & delivery confirmation when sending your “Sell Order” to us as we are not responsible for your cards or their condition until we receive your order & send notification that the order has been accepted successfully.


Each “Sell Order” must be at least $15 for your order to be approved.


The items in your “Sell Order”, must arrive in our required grade condition of NM in order for you to receive full credit on your order. 

Light Played items will be paid at 50% of the NM buy list value. 


Any card received in worse condition than Light Played will not be paid for & kept unless return shipping & handling is paid for at the buy list customer’s expense.  Please make sure that the front & back/sides of the card all qualify as NM.  This includes water or smoke damage.