Avacyn Restored Launch Party Release Events

posted on 01/09/12

Avacyn Restored Launch Party Release Events 5-5 & 5-6-12


Saturday May 5th & Sunday May 6th, we'll be running sealed events celebrating the release of Avacyn Restored.  Saturday's event the first 32 people will receive a Restoration Angel Foil Alternate Art Promo Card.

Sat 5-5-12

Registration opens at 10AM, Start time 11AM, 4 Rounds of Swiss

Sun 5-6 Registration opens at 11AM, Start time is 12Noon, 4 Rounds of Swiss

Cost is $25

Format is Sealed, 6 packs of Avacyn Restored

Payout is:

8 packs for 4 match wins

4 Packs for 3 match wins

To clarify there will not be a participation pack for people winning less than 3 matches.

Additional details are posted on the Tournament Calendar page of the website.